Friends .. I believe whole heartedly that everything we’ve been through .. haha .. everything we’re going through .. and yes .. everything we will go through .. simply has God’s hand on it .. that’s right .. haha .. so yes .. we need to let go and trust that He in fact .. does have our back .. and yes .. just knowing this truth .. should absolutely free us from the burden of worry we carry so heavily .. for friends .. the only place we’ll find ourselves if we let worry consume us .. haha .. is in the bed with a major headache .. or .. walking around in a daze .. unable to focus long enough to get anything done .. haha .. because now .. we’re basically telling Him that we don’t trust Him .. but friends .. I’m here to tell you for I know firsthand .. when we give Him our whole heart .. and yes .. ask Him to take on our worrisome burdens .. He absolutely without question .. will do so .. and yes .. it really is that simple .. for when we do this .. we’ll find physical relief .. haha .. and that relief .. oh yeah .. it feels like a weight off our shoulders .. for now .. we’re able to breath freely for the first time in a long long time .. haha .. yes friends .. that sense of calmness that comes over us right at that very moment that we know we have pleased Him .. is absolutely .. haha .. overwhelmingly fulfilling .. bottom line .. He waits for us to come to Him .. He wants us to kick worry aside .. He wants us to give Him those heavy and fretful burdens we carry .. while simply .. knowing and trusting .. He’s going to see us through .. simply because .. our faith tells our heart .. He wouldn’t ask us to do anything .. if .. He couldn’t deliver .. haha .. I mean after all .. this is God we’re talking about .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period.
“Come to me .. all you who are weary and burdened .. and I will give you rest”

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