Many of us don’t always .. really enjoy life .. we just endure it .. haha .. you know .. we think that life must be perfect to be happy .. so .. we are constantly looking for a change for the better .. the .. “if’s” .. set in .. and .. we actually believe that .. “if ” .. we could get rid of all our problems or change our situation .. life would be fine .. haha .. the problem with that is .. there is no problem free life .. nope .. if we’re going to learn to be happy and joyful .. we must learn to master it .. right here .. right now .. in the situation we’re in .. that’s right .. smack in the middle of the various problems and ugly experiences of life .. for friends .. joy is internal and happiness is not .. where we can lose our happiness .. joy is constant .. and the secret to living that constant joy filled life .. is simple .. we put things in order … just like this .. Jesus first .. Others second .. Yourself third .. haha .. I love that .. oh yes .. at some point in time .. we have totally mixed up the meaning of joy .. and .. with that .. we can see why there is so much discontent and unhappiness around us .. for .. most of us .. haha .. suffer from the ..”ME” .. syndrome .. oh .. but friends .. we can change our way of thinking .. and .. we can learn to have a greater purpose in life .. and .. with that .. comes more joy .. than we could ever imagine .. no sweet friends .. there is no such thing as a problem free life .. but .. it’s when we learn to live by God’s principles .. those problems .. they just aren’t as ..”big” .. anymore .. who cares if things don’t really work out as we planned .. for the truth is .. we know .. that we know .. that we know .. He has a purpose for each of us .. that is simply .. so much bigger .. and .. so much greater .. than any problem we may face .. for He .. wants us to enjoy our lives to the fullest .. but .. in order for that to happen .. and .. the bottom line .. we simply .. just need to do it .. His way .. haha .. for friends .. it truly is .. the only way .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy .. Yes .. your joy will overflow”


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