For many years .. my life was a mess .. as many of us can relate .. I was verbally abused and totally manipulated on a regular basis .. which made me a mark .. for more .. all I wanted to do was constantly please anyone and everyone around me .. no matter what I had to do .. for .. I simply wanted to be looked upon with favor .. and .. I wanted to be loved .. haha … yes .. my emotional wounds .. made me harsh and short tempered with those .. who did in fact .. love me .. and .. I constantly found myself .. operating out of fear .. oh .. I knew all about Christian living .. but .. the truth is .. I had not learned to truly receive God’s love .. which .. by the way .. is the only thing that can heal our sick souls .. haha .. that’s right friends .. it wasn’t until I truly surrendered control .. and .. starting receiving His love .. which .. haha .. by the way .. is available to all of us .. that I’ve finally learned .. the true meaning of freedom .. you see .. I got trapped in the feelings and actions of .. being inadequate .. of failure .. and .. of never measuring up .. oh .. but now .. through much validation .. and .. simply trust .. I can honestly say .. I’m learning to love myself .. I can now .. get up each morning with an attitude of service .. with the hope .. that my life lessons can in turn .. be a blessing to someone else .. I am now .. haha .. a student of love.. what it is .. and .. how He wants me to express it .. some days .. it’s not easy to go where He wants me to go .. but I go .. for now .. more than anything else .. I want to please Him .. for friends .. His love for us is big .. and .. He wants us to experience this love .. way down in the deepest part of our soul .. and .. when we walk in His love .. we find .. we begin to believe the best about people .. rather than the worst .. we find ways to encourage others .. we no longer wait until we feel like it .. or .. we feel .. they’ve earned it .. no .. we now .. go out and love .. on purpose .. for .. when we do this .. we’re totally amazed at the joy it releases inside ..yes friends .. learning to love as Jesus loved .. wow .. what an awesome way .. to learn .. to live .. haha .. again and again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“Whoever does not love does not know God .. because God is love”




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