Friends .. we all have .. and yes are .. going to walk through the fire .. so to speak .. at some point in time in our life .. heck .. if you’re like me .. that walk will be numerous times .. haha .. but yes .. as we do we’ll find that just as the jeweler chips away at a diamonds rough edges .. and yes . as the farmer plows and turns the field disturbing the weeds and revealing the rich soil beneath .. this is yes .. what God does when He walks with us through tribulation .. for the truth is .. He walks with us all the time leading and guiding our every move .. IF .. we let Him .. and yes .. because we hold this truth in our heart .. we never have to be afraid .. that’s right .. for we trust that He’s preparing us so His glory can shine through us .. and yes .. although the tribulation and trouble we face may be strong stalks or slippery snakes .. haha .. we have the opportunity to allow Him to shine through .. for we know that we know that we know .. we’re being prepared for a great work that He wants to accomplish through us .. so yes .. that sweet friends .. turns it all into a different kind of light .. so yes .. with that being said .. come on now .. let’s get that Shine on .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For at one time you were darkness .. but now you are light in the Lord .. walk as children of light”

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