Friends .. when we find ourselves frustrated by life’s circumstances .. we need to remember .. frustration is simply .. the result of living in this broken world .. we can never avoid suffering .. for .. there will always be heartache and pain for us to deal with .. there’s no getting around it .. and friends .. if we don’t pay attention .. the pain we experience .. can simply .. lead us to bitterness .. and bitterness .. it’s poison that can and will .. eat us alive .. it’s goes straight for the heart .. for the truth is .. when we become bitter toward someone .. we don’t hurt them .. no way .. we only hurt ourselves .. I know .. it’s easy to become envious of others .. especially when life isn’t going our way .. we get plain mad when some have it easy and we have it tough .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. it’s easy to become bitter in this world we live .. but .. bottom line .. we have a choice .. we know there will be pain .. however .. we don’t have to walk around moaning and groaning about it .. no way .. for simply .. we can trust without a doubt .. God .. He’s on our side .. straight through it all .. good or bad .. and .. as we’ve learned from past experiences .. He uses everything for our good .. simply because .. we love Him .. He truly does want us to succeed in all the areas we fail .. He’s constantly pulling for us .. and in knowing this .. we need to act accordingly .. staying mindful of this fact .. He solved our biggest problem when He paid for all our sins .. haha .. which by the way .. includes the ones we haven’t done yet .. haha .. yes friends .. He cares about what happens in our daily lives .. so today .. we simply .. stand tall and take this stance .. ‘if it’s big enough to worry about .. it’s big enough to pray about .. and .. if we pray about it .. haha .. we don’t have to worry about it’ .. for simply .. we know that we know that we know .. He’s always in control .. He’s good .. and .. He’s Love .. haha .. and yes .. again and again and again .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart .. do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth”

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