Like so many of us .. I used to be very concerned about what people thought of me .. haha ..  however .. when I realized how dangerous it actually was .. I let that concern go .. that’s right friends .. when we have the mindset of worrying about what others say or even think about us .. we’re literally giving them control over our lives .. while yes .. wasting a lot of precious time trying to be what they want us to be .. while yes .. doing everything we can to try to please them .. rather than focusing our attention on what God has made each of us to be .. yes friends .. with this pleasing mentality we’ve somehow adopted .. we’ll eventually find ourselves being manipulated and controlled .. which in turn .. makes us more likely to cave in to criticism .. and yes .. in grave danger of missing God’s best ..  all because .. haha .. we’re so worried about what they want .. so dang worried .. that we can’t even stop to think about what He wants .. and no friends .. that’s not good .. for the truth is .. we can’t please everybody .. even God can’t please everybody .. and yes ..  only a fool would try to do what He can’t do .. haha .. no friends .. rejection won’t ruin our life . oh .. it hurts and it’s not fun .. but no .. unless we let it .. it cannot harm us  .. so .. we simply need to stop the ugly cycle we’ve been peddling so steadily .. haha .. for the bottom line is this .. nobody can make us feel inferior unless we give them permission .. and no .. nothing we’ll ever do will make God love us less .. nothing we’ll ever do will make God love us more ..  haha .. for yes yes yes  .. He loves us completely right here and right now .. just the way we are .. which in turn tells us again .. that yes! .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Let your eyes look directly forward .. and your gaze be straight before you .. ponder the path of your feet .. then all your ways will be sure”


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