Friends .. all of us along our way have experienced something that we really had come to enjoy .. something that today .. is no longer a part of our lives .. and yes .. with it gone .. it’s left us with a big huge gap inside .. and friends .. trust me .. if we don’t deal with this in a correct way .. it can and mostly likely will .. cause us to become very sad and depressed while effecting all those around us .. and yes .. totally stealing our lives .. so .. it’s when we face these times .. and yes .. we will face them .. rather than turning away .. like we all so well know how to do .. we really need to allow ourselves to embrace the hurt while feeling the pain .. and then .. what we do next .. oh .. is not easy .. but yes .. ever so necessary .. we let it go .. we begin looking forward .. and yes .. we keep moving at a steady pace .. we console ourselves with the simple fact .. that God has big plans for us .. we may not always understand why our life has followed this path .. Lord knows .. personally .. I’ve asked that question a thousand or more times along my way .. but yet .. we know without a doubt .. we can trust there’s always a reason .. so yes yes yes .. we let go of the wanting to know why .. while simply accepting that sometimes .. something needs to fall apart in order for something better to come together .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For I know the plans I have for you .. declares the Lord .. plans for welfare and not for evil .. to give you a future and a hope”

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