We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day in the Gardens of Monet Monet last night .. Casey Kearney and Brent Loper shared their remarkable musical talents with about fifty of us in an intimate and beautiful setting like no other .. our guys from Grayton Beach Catering served up the most delicious small plates imaginable .. Nicole Paloma had her beautiful shop open .. and friends .. I just can’t express how lovely the evening was .. as I looked around at the diverse group of people from all walks of life .. I had to laugh to myself .. simply because .. this group of people from all backgrounds and with totally different personalities and lifestyles had come together to listen to the music while celebrating love .. haha .. yes friends .. from the beginning of time love has brought many together .. and yes .. with a little music thrown in .. the combination is magical .. so yes .. I’m grateful this morning for love .. most especially for the Creator of love .. for yes .. God is love .. and with His love resting in our hearts .. we’re able to reach out and touch the lives of so many .. haha .. think about it .. those two young people singing last night .. they shared their love with us through song .. and friends .. make no mistake .. their gifted voices are a precious gift from above .. and our crew .. whether standing at the door .. serving up the drinks .. or yes .. cooking up the food .. they where doing it all with love .. haha .. yes friends .. we all have love to share .. whether it’s opening a door for someone behind you .. or .. complimenting the woman in the grocery line whose blue blouse makes her blue eyes shine like the sea .. haha .. we have it .. for yes yes yes .. His love that lives in our hearts give us the ability to reach out to those around us .. in love .. haha .. for yes .. just as it’s written in scripture .. and yes .. by Johnny Cash .. we are indeed like trees planted by the water bearing His fruit .. and no! .. we shall not be moved .. for our job in life is to love in spite of and not because of .. and friends .. we must do our job well .. so yes .. today and all the days to follow .. we get up .. we get out .. and .. haha .. we get at it .. for we know that we know that we know .. nothing is going to change this simple fact .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“They are like trees planted along the riverbank .. bearing fruit each season .. their leaves never wither .. and they prosper in all they do”
Thank you everyone that came out last night .. it was a wonderful reunion of family and friends .. big love and hugs to you all!

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