Some memories are tender .. and some .. are just plain tough .. and yes .. we experienced both yesterday as our little community .. filled with a simple kind of love .. gathered together as one .. we laughed .. we cried .. we hugged .. and now .. we keep marching on .. for friends .. memories .. they are an awesome gift .. without them we would stumble through a world of confusion .. unable to benefit from anything we’ve ever learned before .. I mean .. think about it .. we wouldn’t even know we could quench our thirst at a water fountain .. or simply .. that a red traffic light means “stop” .. without this precious gift .. yes .. the gift of memory is remarkable .. and yet .. how easily we seem to forget important things .. they gradually fade away .. I guess that’s one reason why .. we have days set aside like Christmas and Easter .. and why .. God called for the Passover and other feasts at appointed times .. just so .. haha .. we .. His people .. could remember His mighty works done .. on our behalf .. memory aids .. haha .. yes friends .. we all need them .. simply so .. we won’t forget .. for we need them to celebrate .. and friends .. it’s alongside the tender memories .. as well as .. the tough memories .. that we need to establish “trust” memories .. we have memory aids all around us to remind us of certain people and events .. oh yes .. all the beautiful pictures hung from simple clothespins .. the way we felt when we hugged .. the look in the eye of a hurting friend .. a beautiful spoken word .. a touching hymn sung .. and .. a flower on the shore ..  these are the things that are buried in our minds and in our hearts .. as we reflect on just how .. He sees us through .. we share our memories with one another .. trusting that .. in doing so .. will simply .. instill trust in them as well .. yes .. the past mercies of His love .. simply serve .. as an assurance for the present .. and .. a hope for the future .. for .. yes sweet friends .. it’s so true .. we are .. all in this together .. big hug everybody .. again and again and again .. Love Wins Period
” I thank my God every time I remember you”

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