Friends .. we’ve all been given unique talents .. those wonderful gifts from God .. we all have them .. for .. they’re simply .. haha .. what makes us .. and yes .. they’re exactly what sets us apart from other people .. and no .. it was absolutely not His intention .. when He gave us our gifts .. to use them to make a lot of money .. retire .. and then .. die .. haha .. no .. if we think that .. we’ve missed the major point of our life .. for friends .. He gave each of us these talents to benefit others .. not ourselves .. and yes .. He gave other people talents to benefit us .. haha .. and yes .. there’s a big difference between sharing our gifts with the world .. and .. downright showing off .. haha .. for friends .. that’s where the enemy comes in .. he wants us to feel embarrassed and ashamed of our own abilities .. he wants us to think .. we’re not worthy to share our gifts .. he wants us to think people will laugh and ridicule us .. he’ll do anything and everything to shoot down our confidence .. simply because .. he’s afraid of what will actually happen .. when we let our lights shine .. haha .. oh but friends .. we can’t hide our lights .. for plainly .. they aren’t ours to hide .. they were given to us out of love .. by Him .. who is Light .. haha .. and yes .. that same light of His .. shine within each of us .. for .. we all have a little spark of Divine in us .. and friends .. when we deny that part of ourselves .. we’re also denying Him within us .. and no .. we simply cannot allow that to happen .. for .. the truth is .. each of us have a responsibility to share ourselves with the world .. no .. not in a way that proclaims us to be better than anyone else .. but certainly .. in a way that uplifts and enriches those we meet .. for yes .. we owe it to ourselves .. we owe it to the world .. and absolutely .. we owe it to Him .. so .. we simply .. shift our perspective and realize that by hiding our light .. we’re not serving anyone .. for we know .. love unexpressed is not love at all .. bottom line .. even though we may feel empty .. there’s something inside each of us .. haha .. it may be chaos or joy .. optimism or pessimism .. hope or doubt .. but something is there .. and friends .. if we don’t like what it is .. we have the ability to change it .. simply by .. the power of our thoughts .. so .. we get up .. we reach down in our soul .. we feel around .. for in there .. we’ll find a long forgotten dream .. that sense of excitement we once had .. a knowingness that we could change the world .. by making it just a little bit brighter .. haha .. yes friends .. reclaim that dream .. for .. it’s never really left .. it just got covered up with a little dust .. so .. we shake it off .. we put in on our mantle of hope .. we infuse it with new life .. and .. we simply allow it .. to come into Being .. for the truth is .. we’re the only one holding ourselves back .. and yes .. when we realize this truth .. we’ll no doubt .. we’ll be singing .. haha .. “this little light of mine .. I’m gonna let it shine” .. for Him who so graciously gives us.. this awesome life of light we live .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“For at one time you were darkness .. but now you are light in the Lord .. walk as children of light”

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