Friends .. it doesn’t matter how long we live .. haha .. we’re always going to have stress in some form or fashion to deal with in our lives .. there are times when we may feel completely balanced .. however .. the circumstances around us are downright stressful .. and yes .. there are the times when the stress is so deep within .. that yes .. we we feel totally out of balance .. oh but friends .. our most difficult times are when the stress is both inside and out .. and yes .. it can be rough .. and yes .. it’s especially important during these times that we focus on God .. for yes .. He’s the One who helps us feel more peaceful and balanced .. and yes .. He does this in spite of what’s going on .. for the truth is .. no matter what we’re facing .. whether good or bad .. we must take care of ourselves by letting go and letting Him direct our paths .. for yes .. like always .. He’ll go before us .. and no .. we will not be destroyed nor will we be crumpled .. for yes .. He will always and forever see us through to where peace resides .. for yes .. this is His home .. and yes .. we are His children .. and yes .. He loves us big .. so yes yes yes .. hang on sweet friends ¬†.. for yes .. ¬†haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way .. the Lord be with all of you”


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