A familiar phrase for me .. this is my home church .. the place I go to for relief .. a place where I feel unconditional love from it’s very source ..  you see this church .. it belongs to God .. oh yes ..  I have the most awesome Pastor and Friend ..  Brother Toy joined by his beautiful wife Rena ..  and yes although so many times I have been unworthy .. they’ve stood by me and encouraged me through many a trial .. as well as many a triumph ..  then .. like so many .. I left church for a while .. got busy with work .. life .. excuses .. and .. then more excuses .. yes .. all to hide from myself ..  because you see .. when I enter the doors of this special place I call home .. it’s time to get real .. real about His Word .. real about His Love .. and  .. real about Myself ..  ‘who so ever will let them come’ .. this is my home .. thank you home for taking me back in ..  I’ve missed you old friend.

“Come to Me ..  all who are weary and heavy laden .. and I will give you rest” .. “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me ..  for I am gentle and humble in heart ..  and ..  you will find rest for your souls .. for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”

Oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period


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