Many of us today .. have the wrong idea about humility .. or .. being “humble” .. if you will .. oh yes .. we think being humble means to grovel in front of others .. or even .. thinking they’re no good and we’re better .. oh .. but friends .. that’s not what God’s Word says .. no way .. nope .. He says when we are humble .. we are free from pride and arrogance .. haha .. we simple know .. in our flesh we are inadequate .. yet .. we know who we are in Him .. that’s right people .. we don’t have to defend ourselves .. not when we understand just what His Word tells us .. it’s plain and simple .. we know who we are in Him .. and .. we can be a peacemaker .. without needing to fight for our rights .. we can walk humbly .. in His power .. but NOT .. in our own strength .. for friends .. Godly humility .. is being comfortable with who we are .. in Him .. so .. therefore .. we naturally .. put others first .. for this is the mark of strength .. that is so well described in His Word .. yes .. being humble does not make us weak .. it makes us .. strong and whole .. for friends .. the simple fact of “knowing” that we can’t truly succeed in our own strength .. simply means .. we are thanking Him for all our talents and gifts .. while continuously giving Him credit for our accomplishments .. it means .. being comfortable in who we are .. in Him .. while seeking to build others up .. never ourselves .. it means .. gratefully walking in His grace .. love .. and .. forgiveness .. think about it .. Jesus .. Himself .. gave us the prime example of .. humility in action .. haha .. yes .. although He was the Son of God .. He was gentle and humble .. and .. yes .. He was strong .. so friends .. let’s enjoy the power we have by being humble .. for the truth is .. we’ll find ourselves to be .. more successful when we imitate Him and follow His written instructions .. than we’ll ever be .. if we are pushy and arrogant .. for the bottom line is this .. even if we don’t reach the results we hoped for .. we will always have .. the joy and pleasure .. of knowing .. we .. acted in a manner .. pleasing to Him .. for it’s when we truly understand the meaning of humility .. that is set forth in His Word .. and then .. put it into practice .. we find .. even when we don’t win .. we win .. haha .. that’s right .. we’ll be the ones shouting .. “winner winner .. chicken dinner ” .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit .. but in humility .. consider others better than yourselves”



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