The Holy Spirit gives us the power to be His witness throughout the earth .. haha .. friends .. this comes straight from Jesus .. so .. we can count it .. truth .. and .. if we really pay attention .. we’ll see .. He didn’t say .. He would give us the power to DO the witnessing .. but rather .. to BE a witness .. haha .. there’s a difference here that we need to pay attention to .. for friends .. the truth is .. the power that we need to effectively witness to others .. essentially flows from being real and authentic witnesses ourselves .. yes sweet friends .. we must Be .. haha .. before we DO .. oh no .. in no way am I suggesting we not proclaim the gospel at all times .. I’m only saying that we also need to live in the power of the gospel .. for .. to be a witness for Him .. we must bear witness to His very truth .. for friends .. the world needs to see that the gospel actually works in our lives .. before they’ll believe it’s true .. personally .. I didn’t .. “get it” .. for many years .. oh .. I loved the Lord with all my heart .. but .. just couldn’t get to the point of understanding the reality of what that really meant .. along with .. the responsibility that it actually holds .. no .. it’s not until we allow Him to heal us from the inside out .. that we can truly proclaim His awesomeness .. the bottom line .. if we stay broken .. wounded .. and .. rejected .. we have no power to preach to the same .. if we don’t allow ourselves to find our freedom in Him .. it’ll be impossible for us to shine our light for others to find theirs .. if we allow ourselves to stay brokenhearted because of our past .. we’ll simply .. never be able to help someone else heal from theirs .. and friends .. if we stay in captivity .. I just don’t know how .. we can proclaim liberty to others .. no friends .. it’s way more than any words .. programs .. or .. doctrines that we’re floating .. no .. it’s our very lives that speak the loudest .. so .. we shake of those heavy bands that have held us captive all these years .. we stand firm and strong in His love and complete forgiveness .. we stay on His course .. as we live out the gospel in every aspect of our lives .. oh yes .. we’ll trip .. we’ll fall .. and .. we’ll stand again .. for friends .. we are continuously building a platform from which we can proclaim to others .. His powerful and unconditional love .. simple truth .. haha .. that’s right .. again and again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you .. and you will be My witnesses .. telling people about Me everywhere .. in Jerusalem .. throughout Judea .. in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”

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