Friends .. after a good full nights rest and a fairly clear mind .. haha .. please trust me when I say .. each and everyone of us .. that’s right .. every single person on this earth is indeed a miracle of God’s workmanship .. for it’s true .. we’re all “wonderfully complex” people .. and yes .. most of time we seem to underestimate or overestimate our value .. we seem to flucxuate between thinking we’re failures and dissappointment .. to the thinking we’re God’s gift to the world .. haha .. and friends .. both of these extremes are totally incorrect .. for the reality is .. every single one of us have sinned and fallen short of His glory .. and none of us are worthy because of anything we’ve done .. no sweet friends .. we’re worthy simply because He created us .. and yes .. He saved us .. so .. the pattern of our thinking .. of our feeling .. and .. of our behaving which makes up our personalities .. has yes .. both strengths and weaknesses .. and friends .. we need to make the most of who we are by focusing on our strengths .. and yes .. by doing all we can to direct them into productive actions .. while turning around and looking at our weaknesses .. haha .. with the simply mindset to grow .. for friends .. good positive personal growth will indeed spill over into all that we do .. which in turn .. makes our days a little bit easier .. for yes .. it’s when we practice these simple steps on a regular basis .. we’ll actually be able to look in the mirror with a smile on our face .. for we know that we know that we know .. we’re created in His image .. He told us so .. and yes .. He is love .. so friends .. we get up with our mindset on Him .. we go out and conquer this day with love .. for simply .. we know without question or doubt .. that yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“I will give thanks to You .. for I am fearfully and wonderfully made .. wonderful are Your works .. and my soul knows it very well”

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