Friends .. humor is one of the all time and best ingredients we’ll ever find for survival .. haha .. that’s right .. whatever situation we may find ourselves in .. however dire it may seem at first glance .. haha .. there’s always a bright side .. and yes .. when we look at the .. “bright side” .. it you will .. we’ll simply find .. the funny of it .. haha .. totally releases the tensions that are binding us .. and yes .. in turn .. opens our heart and mind to hear God clearly .. bottom line .. we can’t get bogged down in the down .. no way .. instead .. we simply smile and watch .. haha .. as He takes us to the many possible solutions He’s made available to us .. and yes .. He does all this .. simply because .. He loves us all .. so very very big .. simple truth .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Then our mouth was filled with laughter .. and our tongue with shouts of joy .. then they said among the nations .. “The Lord has done great things for them””

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