Holy Saturday .. Jesus was laid and sealed in a tomb .. guards on watch day and night .. the disciples .. they hid in fear .. for they .. had just witnessed the death of their Lord .. and .. totally anticipated their own deaths would follow soon .. haha .. for you see .. they didn’t see the resurrection coming .. no .. all they could see .. was defeat and despair .. so they did .. what most of us would do in this situation .. they doubted .. and yes .. they lost hope .. and friends .. because they lost hope .. they cowered in fear .. for .. their Lord was dead and their hope in Him returning was gone .. they lost hope in His promise of life and salvation .. and yes .. they simply .. lost hope in themselves .. we’ve all felt this way in our lives at one point or another .. that feeling of numbness when we lose someone we love .. and friends .. it doesn’t seem by chance .. that the words of the psalmist were some of the last words He ever spoke .. for .. as He cried out .. “my God .. my God .. why have you forsaken me?” .. it’s as if .. He took on our cry .. and .. the cry of the disciples that day .. the cry we’ve all found ourselves shouting at some point in our lives .. so .. if He was .. in fact .. echoing our own struggle on the cross .. then it seems that Holy Saturday serves an important reminder that doubt and hopelessness are an inevitable a part of our story .. even if we wish they weren’t .. for simply .. haha .. we’re a people .. who will struggle our whole lives with doubt .. and yes .. at times .. we’re going to lose hope .. not because we’re weak .. no .. but because .. our faith is so strong .. and .. what we hope for .. is so extraordinary .. that when we are faced with pain and death .. or .. anything else that stands opposed to His kingdom .. it’s understandable .. to lose hope .. for yes .. we’re human .. and no .. we simply .. do not .. truly understand .. the big picture .. haha .. so today .. on this Holy Saturday .. we can take the time to rediscover it’s importance .. along with the doubt that comes with it .. for friends .. it’s simply .. a critical reminder .. that our struggle is okay .. it’s normal .. especially when .. we have the audacity to hope for resurrection in this world we live .. haha .. yes friends .. today should remind us .. that if He was willing to let Thomas poke and prod Him with his doubts .. even when He stood right before His eyes .. haha .. then we .. His people .. must also be willing to embrace and love one another .. as we struggle with our own faith .. while making room for our own doubts .. no .. we’re not outsiders .. no way .. we’re His people .. trying the best we can .. to hold on to that hope .. that many take for granted .. haha .. for friends .. we’re simply .. the people who live between two resurrections .. and yes .. there will be days that feel like today .. and yes .. that’s okay .. for yes .. this is the life of the faithful .. and .. just as it was in days of old .. today is not the final chapter in our story .. resurrection is coming .. even if .. we don’t realize it .. even it .. we can’t see it .. and yes .. even if .. we don’t believe it .. yes sweet friends .. resurrection is coming .. bottom line and simple truth .. haha .. again and again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Jesus answered them .. “Destroy this temple .. and in three days I will raise it up” .. the Jews then said .. “It has taken forty six years to build this temple .. and will you raise it up in three days?” … but He was speaking about the temple of His body”


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