Friends .. my mind is on us this morning .. all of us .. me .. you .. and yes .. everyone around us .. for today .. we can bet our bottom dollar .. haha .. we’ve all been where someone else has been before .. that’s right .. although we may not know each other .. we’re all the same .. and yes .. we know this to be true .. simply because .. the Bible tells us so .. yes friends .. we all face problems .. and no .. they’re not uniquely ours .. no .. we’ve all had them .. haha .. and yes .. that old enemy .. he would love to isolate us .. and yes .. certainly accuse each of us .. for he loves to whisper in our ear that we’re alone .. that no one cares or understands .. haha .. and yes .. we know this to be true .. simply because .. just like the one standing beside us .. we’ve been told this same outlandish lie .. time after time after time .. oh but friends .. we can’t allow his nonsense in our lives .. for we know that we know that we know .. Our God .. He’s no respecter of persons .. and no .. He doesn’t play favorites when it comes to His promises and His Word .. He receives each of us who comes before Him with a humble and obedient heart .. and no .. it’s not the prideful and the righteous He accepts .. no way .. it’s the broken and the uninvited .. and no .. it’s not the independent one .. or .. the “know it all” that He hears .. haha .. no friends .. it’s those of us who come depleted of ourselves .. who are tired of trying .. and yes .. who are weary and broken .. that He openly and patiently awaits .. for friends .. trust me .. acknowledging our lack of wisdom is and act of humility in itself .. haha .. for the truth is .. it’s when we can admit .. we’ve tried all that we can try with everything possible in our own strength yet have failed more than once .. haha .. and yes .. it’s when we get tired of blaming others while constantly staying captive ourselves .. and yes .. we’re simply ready to let go of the blame .. that we’ll simply find .. we’re able to freely come before Him .. that’s right .. in front of the One .. haha .. who is definitely not looking at our faults or shortcomings .. no way .. for He looks past our feeblish and fumbling attempts .. and yes .. He searches the deepest and darkest part of our hearts .. which in turn .. simply reminds us .. that no .. there is no problem we’ll ever face that is uniquely ours .. so we get up .. we get out .. and yes .. we simply love and encourage each and every person who crosses our path .. knowing that today .. we can bet our bottom dollar .. that yes .. we’re all going through something .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled .. and he who humbles himself will be exalted”

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